This site is now live and migrated to a proper hosting service!

Work flow to use this app
  1. Create a new account.  You will need to use an alias name that is unique.  Do not use an alias and password that you use for anything else (please see below).
  2. Download the free Android app from Google Play.  Look for the app "Guard Mutt WS".
  3. In the app, link your device to the website.  The app should antomatically direct you wo the link view; if it does not use the Link Icon icon on the app's action bar.
  4. Leaving the phone on your boat, the app, set what you want to monitor and leave.  If you wish to monitor for status of the mains electricity supply to the blat you will need a mains powered charger (not a 12V charger).  It is the power from the charger that the app uses to determine whether the mains is connected.
  5. You can also remotely take a photograph using either the front or rear camera on your phone (assuming it has both).  The app is not to be used for snooping on, say, young children and I have designed it to be hard to use for this purpose.  For example, the feature only works with the Android device permanently connected to a charger, and there must be a preview pane that is visible at all times.  In Google’s own words, it should not be possible to take a picture without knowing that a picture has been taken. There is also a deliberate latency between sending a request for a photo and the picture actually being taken, so you can never capture an exact moment.

  6. If you specify an email, then notifications by email of changes to the mains status (if power monitoring is set on your Android device) and whether your boat has moved (if the movement alarm is set on your Android device).   Use "Boat Data" to set an email.

The Website is of no use without the Android app that goes with it.  That is to be released soon (I have been saying that for 6 months now), maybe early in the new year 2017.

Please note that even now this website is hosted on a proper hosting site ( it is not running over a secure connection.  Your password is stored encrypted (but not very strongly) in my database, as it your Android device ID and email (if you give it), but the connection to the server is not secure; your alias and password could be intercepted by a 3rd party as it is sent to the server. 

Therefore do not use an alias (username) and password that you use for anything else

That way all you can possibly give away is whether the mains of your boat is connected, its location and possible some photos the app has taken.

Like all Mad Mutt apps (and now websites), you will find this extremely simple, but hopefully functional and free of adverts.

The Android app is written entirely by myself under the alias of Mad Mutt Software.  The website is based on a project by Harry Wilson (if you're out there Harry give me a shout; you know who I am).